Corporate tours

Ideal for the office while working from home.

We now have a series of virtual tours which are ideal for getting multi-site teams together in a live, virtual environment.

They are interactive, fun and educational, last just 45 minutes and cost £10 per person (minimum 15 people for group booking)

Our current lunchtime virtual tours:

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Canary Wharf: an amazing story of human resilience, rum, pirates and tunnels.
The British Museum: highlights of important artefacts and the stories behind them (Rosetta Stone, mummies and more).
London’s East End: The Krays, Churchill in a fight, the Cable Street battle and more.
How London survived an epidemic 150 years ago: the story of resilience and science overcoming myth.
South Bank of the Thames: St Pauls to London Bridge via colourful Bankside
The London Highlights: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and more.

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