The British Museum highlights

Walk the museum’s galleries and see its highlights in the comfort of your own home, and hear its amazing stories. We’ll be using virtual imaging software (so you can imagine you’re in the museum) with a real live ex official museum tour guide.

Featured in this virtual tour of the highlights of the British Museum:

  • the Rosetta stone, and how it was discovered and deciphered
  • the Egyptian gallery and the bust of Rameses II, and the circus man Belzoni
  • the Parthenon sculptures (the ‘Elgin Marbles”)
  • the founding of the museum by an Irishman called Hans Sloane, who also gave us chocolate!
  • the Great Court, a modern marvel of engineering
  • the Egyptian mummies
  • the Benin bronzes
  • the Assyrian gallery, cuneiform and what it meant to be a king of the known world
  • the great Roman silver find called the Mildenhall treasure and the remarkable story of how it was discovered in a field in West Row, Suffolk
  • The Mayan sculptures
  • Aztec jewellery

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About this tour:

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • You’ll need to download the Zoom app and you will be emailed the password a day before the tour
  • Price: £7 per person or £10 per household on one device ( £1 of the price is donated to the British Museum)
  • Book tickets here via Eventbrite