Surviving an Epidemic 150 years ago. A virtual tour

This tour gives a message of hope with humour and science. The story of London’s hygiene starts 2,000 years ago with a look at how things started to go pear shaped. We take a humorous look at waste from the first toilets in London (Roman of course) and why we got the term ‘loo’.

We’ll look at the evolution of public loos on London Bridge, the human caped ‘bucket loos’ and the flushing loos of the Victorians.

We’ll learn about people who made money from the waste of Londoners, the toshers, grubbers and night-soil men, the creation of the flushing toilet and why it’s called a John in the USA.

Finally the important bit: How a lack of understanding of not ridding of our waste correctly led to awful cholera outbreaks, the ‘Great Stink, and how a man of science collaborated with a man of religion to solve it.

About this virtual guided walk:

  • 45 minutes
  • Multiple dates (book via above link that will take you to the Eventbrite website)
  • Via Zoom app and we’ll email you the password on the morning of the tour
  • £7 per person or £10 per family (family can be in two locations on 2 devices)

How to join the virtual tour:

Book your tickets via the above link.

We’ll email you full details of the Zoom meeting link, password and Meeting ID on the morning of the tour.

Five minutes before start time, click on the link we send you or log in via the Zoom app and then sit back and enjoy the tour.

Please put your microphone on mute, but you will be able to unmute and ask questions at the end of every stop.

There is also a ‘chat’ feature on Zoom that enables you to write your questions in live time to the tour guide