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I thoroughly enjoyed this – the pace and amount of information was excellent. This is not an area of London I know but very much intend to visit it.” Diane Gibson, Massachusetts, USA (Whitechapel virtual tour, 16/8/20)

“We loved the tour and learned so much. When it comes to content, virtual tours are better than tours in real life. John Anderson, August 2020

Super tour!  Really enjoyed it. The most fun lunchtime I’ve had in ages.  No question.  Really interesting. Love the stories about the tunnels and Pirate Kid on the gibbet for 3 months was it?   And why Handel’s Water Music is always played loud.  And how Brunel the Elder learned how to tunnel by watching wood worms.  And ‘You do know where the Canary Islands get their name don’t you? ;). Brilliant. :)” Emmet Kelly, Dublin, Ireland (Canary Wharf tour 26/9/19)

“Many thanks for the most informative tour. I see your passion on the subject and going to tell people to attend. We are going through challenging times but nothing like people in the past, which shows, as you say, people can be resilient.”
Cherryl Booyzen, Cape Town South Africa (Canary Wharf virtual tour 16/8/20)

“I have lived in Canary Wharf for 2 years, but learnt a lot more about the place in the 2 hours of the tour. The guide was absolutely brilliant with the history and the stories, the way he engaged the group and the impromptu fun that brought people together. Cannot wait for the next one now!” Sivaji Buddhiraju, Mumbai, India (Canary Wharf tour 13/4/18)

“A truly enjoyable experience with a knowledgeable guide.  The experience was full of useful historical information as well“. Richard Haswell, Sunderland, UK (13/4/18)