Images of London in Lockdown

Today we took a walk around central London, and found a very different city to the busy, vibrant one we give tours of. We hope to resume our tours as soon as lockdown is over. Hope to see you soon on one of our tours.

This is the quietest I have ever seen Trafalgar Square.

A phone booth on Parliament Square

Whitehall, the seat of British government

The statue of Winston Churchill was cleaned of graffiti by a man named Winston.

Covent Garden, homage to the National Health Service

After the recent BLM protests, the statue of George Washington was covered over. It is said to stand on soil imported from the USA as Washington, a slave owner, said he would never stand on British soil.

Covent Garden

Groucho Club, Soho

Vauxhall Bridge

Socially distanced escalators at Selfridges. Yellow spots mark where you stand.