A Stroll Down the Strand

The road called the Strand beside the River Thames is barely a mile long yet has so much to tell about the city.

What’s this virtual tour about?

Let’s all go down the Strand (have a banana!). And let’s do it virtually with old photos, paintings, Google Earth street views, lots of stories and a few laughs on the way. You can even bring a banana.

It housed the riverside palaces of the Savoy, Somerset House and the Duke of Buckingham. There’s an Egyptian obelisk on the embankment built to house a huge sewer. Close by is Benjamin Franklin’s house, then there’s the bustle of Trafalgar square and the idyllic gardens of Temple where there’s a 900 year old Crusader church and close by, the Royal Courts of Justice.

 We’ll learn some weird and curious things too … Like why were windows boarded up 250 years ago? Did Benjamin Franklin really want the turkey to be the bird symbol of the USA? Is there a streetlight powered by sewer smell? Or a pub split in half? How does a bridge clean itself? Why do the lions of Trafalgar Square have the paws of a cat? And then there’s Frank Sinatra singing to taxi drivers who told him to keep the day job.

 And what’s all this about bananas? Intrigued? Join us for all this and more.

Tour details:

  • 1 hour 10 minutes virtual tour via Zoom
  • Multiple dates
  • £7 per person or £10 per group/ family (group/ family can be in two locations on 2 devices)
  • Book your tickets via Eventbrite
  • We’ll email you the meeting ID and password on the morning of the tour

Google reviews of our Strand virtual tour

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Very informative and entertaining”
This was the first virtual tour I’ve done with Let’s Discover London, but it definitely won’t be the last. Loona took us for a very informative & entertaining Stroll down the Strand (banana optional!) and it was great. A mix of historic and contemporary information, lots of really good visuals and pauses for questions. Can thoroughly recommend and am looking to book another tour.
Carol Crook