The King of the World – Assyria in the British Museum

Painting of Nimrud, capital of Assyria, under Ashurnasirpal the Second. Palms on the banks of of the Tigris River

What’s this tour about?

What did it mean to be the king of the world 3,000 years ago?

The Assyrians with their heartland in northern Mesopotamia, once dominated the known world and created the first proper empire.

One of the Assyrian kings, Ashurnasirpal II, controlled an empire that stretched from Turkey to Arabia, Egypt to Iran. He controlled the people, made laws, managed the religion, he was also a warrior king, leading his armoured battering rams in to enemy walls and his troops across rivers in sophisticated amphibious assaults. And then he’d relax in an expansive palace of colourful friezes guarded by supernatural creatures. (He also fought lions in a his spare time.)

Join us on this virtual tour of the British Museum’s Assyrian gallery of Ashurnasirpal given by an ex-British Museum guide. We’ll be using walk-through images of the gallery to really bring it to life.

NB: Please note, this virtual tour is not an official tour of the British Museum.

Tour details:

  • 50 minutes virtual tour via Zoom
  • Multiple dates
  • £7 per person or £10 per group/ family (group/ family can be in two locations on 2 devices)
  • Book your tickets via Eventbrite
  • We’ll email you the meeting ID and password on the morning of the tour

Google reviews of our Assyrian virtual tour

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“In depth and interesting”
Loona gave us a very in depth and interesting tour of the Assyrian Galleries at the British museum. Good photos and clear lecture.
Cita Stelzer