The Lions of London and Other Exotic animals: A Virtual Tour

The Lions of London and other Exotic Animals: a virtual tour

Imagine escaped tigers causing panic on the streets of the east end. A polar bear on his daily swim for fish in the Thames. Cheetahs racing greyhounds at the dog tracks. A pet lion exercising in Chelsea just by the Kings Road. These are just a few of the incidents in London’s 800 year old fascinating relationship with exotic wild animals.


Then there’s the 60 year old woman lion tamer who danced burlesque in a cage of big cats, Jumbo the elephant, the (female) bear that inspired Winnie the Pooh and not forgetting, the famous Trafalgar Square lions … find out why the original designs for them were rejected and why today’s ones aren’t quite right.

And just why are there three lions on the England football shirt?

Hear about the Royal menagerie at the Tower of London and how it grew. And the world’s first scientific zoo, London Zoo.

But there’s serious lesson here, because often our relationship with wild animals has been an uncomfortable one of mistreating, misfeeding, money-making and baiting. A theme of history that still resonates till today.

Virtual Tour details:

Cost: £10 per screen
Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Via Zoom

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