The Story of Sutton Hoo: A Virtual Tour

One of the most amazing archaeological finds ever discovered

A virtual tour from a former offical British Museum tour guide.

Hidden in the soil of eastern England for one and half thousand years were glittering riches of gold, silver and garnets, an exquisitely crafted helmet and a long ship. They revolutionised our view of the ‘dark ages’ and the island’s connection to the rest of the world.

Equally interesting in the Sutton Hoo narrative is the story of the excavation itself, just before the Second World War, its different characters, the craving for glory, friction between professionals and amateurs and the excitement of finding the treasures that ‘shone in the sunshine as on the day they were buried’.

And at the centre of it all, there was a strong woman whose hunch was brought to her by her dreams, who desired to give credit where it was due and generously bequeath the treasures to the nation.

We use Google earth, site maps, paintings, photos and diary entries, and of course the stories live-streamed by a former official British Museum Tour guide to bring it all alive.

NB: Please note, this virtual tour is not an official tour of the British Museum, but it will be told by a former official British Museum tour guide.

Tour details:

  • 70-90 minutes virtual tour via Zoom
  • Multiple dates
  • Cost: £10 per screen
  • Book your tickets via Eventbrite
  • We’ll email you the meeting ID and password on the morning of the tour

Reviews of the Story of Sutton Hoo Virtual Tour:

“The talk was absolutely fascinating. After watching the film about Sutton Hoo we were curious to learn more. This tour was perfect, mixing history of the site with information about the artifacts and the dig itself. The delivery was superb. I can’t think when I was last so engaged by a session.”

“Superb knowledge from the presenter, great visuals, absolutely fascinating event – wonderful experience overall, thank you”