Virtual Tours for schools

All of our tours can be prepared for school classes, making history educational, fun and interfaced with your curriculum. We need a minimum class size of 30 and can give a free taster tour for teachers. Contact us for more information.

We recently had the pleasure of giving a virtual guided tour of the British Museum to some super-bright students from Colégio Ítaca in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Thank you so much for your feedback!.

Here are some of their reviews …

 “I really enjoyed the tour. It was a one-of-a-kind experience . Loona surely is an amazing guide, he managed to provide us with a lot of information about each art piece he showed and answered all the questions to the best of his abilities. He was very patient, cracked a few jokes here and there, but remained professional during the whole tour … it was a perfect tour and, without a doubt, the best tour I’ve ever had.”
Ana Lúcia H. Larrosa, Year 10

“I really appreciated this online tour, it was better than what I expected. I’ve learned a lot of new things I never heard about before and Loona, the guide, was really nice to everybody and could answer everyone’s questions really easily. The class would never be able to go to the British museum in other ways, so I think this was a very unique and interesting experience.”
Maria Clara Barreto, Year 9

“The tour exceeded all of my expectations. At first I thought we were only going to hear about the museum’s history, and see some pictures of the most popular artefacts, but the actual thing was so much better than that! Loona showed us so many interesting things, but most importantly, he told us where the artefacts came from, their original purposes and how the museum acquired them. It was all incredibly interesting and it made me want to go to London even more than I already did.”
Stella Cavalcanti Betioli, Year 9

“I found the visit very interesting, all the history and artefacts that ended up in this museum are really interesting. Rosetta Stone and the other Egyptian artefacts were what made me particularly interested in this visit, despite being virtual. Loona also managed to give a very good overview of the objects.”
Pedro Sotelo, Year 9

“My school took us to the British Museum virtual tour, and Loona is an amazing guide, full of historical knowledge. Even with the difference of languages, he was a caring person, letting us be comfortable for any questions of the museum. I didn’t expect such a rich and memorable experience and I highly recommend the tour, it’s really worth it.
Isadora Aranha Alves, Year 10

“It was wonderful! Besides all the beautiful pieces of art and artefacts Loona showed us, his explanations were really good, complete and easy to understand. He was careful with his words and tried to make us all understand, since English isn’t our first language and we could have some trouble understanding. Also, he was constantly checking if we had questions about the tour of the Museum itself, and answered them in the best way possible.”
Letícia Yamashita Weigand,Year 10

“On the 21st of October me and my class had an excellent tour of the British Museum. As we are in a pandemic at the moment, the first thought you have about this type of school excursion is that it will be boring and will only take hours of your free time, but differently from what I thought, it was very interesting and although it took time, I didn’t even notice, it flew by. Loona, the museum guide was super kind and attentive, answered all the questions with lots of information.”
Brenda Dutra, Year 9

“The virtual tour at the British Museum was very cool and informative. I was impressed by the amount of information he knew, he knew every detail of each piece that was presented to us. All the pieces that were shown are very interesting, most of them talked about ancient Egypt, which is a theme that I love, so the museum was a great contributor to our intellect.”
Luis Oliveira, Year 10