Virtual tours of London

See London in the comfort of your own home with our virtual tours of London. Our virtual tours are live (via Zoom), you can ask questions (or switch your camera off, it’s up to you), get the lowdown in an immersive experience that involves old images, lots of stories and Google street views.

Highlights of the British Museum LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

The world’s greatest museum, we showcase important objects told by an ex-museum tour guide

London’s East End: Whitechapel High Street LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

A fruit stall on Whitechapel High Street in Tower Hamlets, London

World history on a mile! It’s all around this high street.

Surviving an epidemic 150 years ago LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

The Dr John Snow Pub on Broadwick Street in Soho, London

This tour gives a message of hope with humour and science. The story of London’s hygiene to an awful cholera outbreak.

Virtual tours for schools

West Africa on an old globe

All of our tours can be prepared for school classes, making history educational, fun. For a free taster tour for teachers contact us for more information.

The Weird and Wonderful Wimbledon Walk LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

The amazing story of a little village on a hill outside London that became world famous.

Ready to visit London? A virtual ‘top tips’ tour LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Are you about to visit London on a vacation? Need some personal and friendly advice delivered live and online to your whole travel party to listen to at once?

St Paul’s Cathedral to London Bridge LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Two iconic London landmarks to Bankside, the Elizabethan playground.

Let’s All Go Down the Strand

A Painting of Somerset House and St May's church in the Strand

Great riverside palaces, Benjamin Franklin’s house and lots more

Assyria in the British Museum LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

A nineteenth century painting of Nimrud in Assyria, with the river Tigris, a ziggurat and the North West Palace.

What was it like to be an Assyrian king of the world’s first superpower and have your own war machine.

The Story of Sutton Hoo LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

One of the most amazing archaeological finds ever discovered, it revolutionised our view of the ‘dark ages’ and the island’s connection to the rest of the world.

The Lions of London and Other Exotic Animals LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Imagine escaped tigers causing panic on the streets of the east end, a polar bear swimming for fish in the Thames, cheetahs racing greyhounds, a pet lion exercising in Chelsea. It’s all happened in London.

From Princess to Queen LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Queen Elizabeth II is the most famous Londoner of all – join us on a fascinating journey from her London childhood to her coronation.

The Houses of Parliament LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Room by room, the colourful tale of the evolution of British democracy

Trafalgar Square and Lord Nelson LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Trafalgar Square on a cloudy day with fountains and the National Gallery in the background

The most famous square in London, built for England’s greatest hero.

Canary Wharf and Limehouse LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

A painting of West India Keys on the Isle of Dogs in the nineteenth century

An amazing story about resilience. Pirates, rum, executions, canal networks and more. More than just high rise offices!

Buckingham Palace, The Mall and St James’s Park LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

A building that started off as a townhouse for a Duke, nearly became a museum but went on to be the London residence of all of Britain’s sovereigns since Queen Victoria.

A birthday tour on the history of someone special

Bespoke virtual tours for birthdays, anniversaries and bachelor's parties

History tours for birthdays, anniversaries, stag/hen dos, bachelorette’s/ bachelor’s parties. Filled with humour and history, images and music, it will be 40 minutes long, thoroughly researched, live-streamed with a recording you can keep forever. Enquire on our contact form for prices and more details.