Welcome to London’s best guided tours for 2023

We’ve been guiding people since 2006 with both in-person and virtual tours of London. You’ll find a whole list of my 2023 current collection of tours here.

Some of my recent reviews:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“We did a private tour with Loona as our guide. 2 adults and 2 kids, boys 11 and 13. And it was magnificent. Loona was thoughtful, incredible at telling the history and making us understand, why certain objects were important. With finesse and engaging storytelling. Our kids and us had the best time at a museum in our lives. Thank you. We will be back. And we will forever recommend Loona as a guide.” Jeppe, Denmark, Air BNB Experiences

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Loona is the best of the best! My whole family enjoyed his storytelling and all the insights he gave us! My 15 year old said to give a great review and put exclamation mark at the end of the every sentence! That’s how good he is! We wish we didn’t have to rush the last part of it to catch another appointment! If we come back, we would book a full day with him if that’s an option!” Dandan, Austin, Texas, USA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A a first class tour guide, an excellent group facilitator, inspiring, enthusiastic and with endless historical knowledge” Sue Goldstein

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Head and shoulders above other tours” Julie Bennett, London Tour Guide

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Loona had such wonderful reviews, and I can say that the many accolades he receives are certainly warranted. His command of the history, science, geography and archeology of the museum are outstanding. He was able to make our time together interesting, humorous and awe inspiring. We are so grateful that we ended up taking a tour of the magnificent British Museum with him.” Catherine, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Loona’s depth of knowledge and ability to communicate this was remarkable. His enthusiasm is infectious and his, seemingly inexhaustible, energy makes for an exceptional way to spend a couple of hours.” Pete West

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“OUTSTANDING!!!!! Absolutely amazing tour and unforgettable experience. Highlight of the trip for my 17 and 21 year olds. Loona has an encyclopedic knowledge and weaves you around a museum, that could feel overwhelming, flawlessly showing you the top exhibits w superb explanations. He is a such a great teacher and storyteller that the time flew by. This is not a tour that should be missed by anyone!” David, Connecticut, USA

Here’s a little taster of our guided walks of London

Let London come alive with an expert tour guide, with both guided outdoor tours and virtually, in a fun and educational way! And if you’ve never been on one of our guided tours, read our reviews on Google here and hope you can join us soon!

Below is our current line up of both guided walks and virtual (online tours). If you need any further information please call me or Whatsapp me on +44 7812 218 288

Our guided tours of London

The British Museum Highlights Guided Tour: stories from behind the scenes: 3 hours (with 10 minute interval halfway)

It’s not just about must-see top highlights of the British Museum. It’s also about the the stories behind them. Why were they made? How did they get here? Your guide is a former official British Museum tour guide to tell you the inside stories and bring it all alive. Click the link below to book.

The Trafalgar Square Guided Walk: London’s most famous square: 2 hours

On this guided tour of Trafalgar Square and its surrounds you’ll see this land come alive with so many stories. A place of a medieval memorial to love. A place of violent punishment. A place of celebration, protests and art. Of lions and birds of prey and a memorial for a decisive naval victory

Guided Tour from St Paul’s Cathedral to London Bridge: 2.5 hours

A fascinating guided walk between two of London’s most famous landmarks by the banks of the River Thames and is a potted history of London. Hear stories of the challenges of St Paul’s design, see Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, hear naughty tales of debauchery, the frozen Thames and lots more.

The Canary Wharf and Limehouse Guided Walk: the Isle of Wonder: 2 hours

An amazing place about resilience against failure. Hear about a proud local community (who once became an independent country!), of bustling docks of rum and sugar, of pirates and executions, the world‘s first under-river tunnel, London’s first Chinatown, early canal networks and many more.

Our virtual tours …

See London in the comfort of your own home. Our virtual tour of London are live and online, ask questions and get the lowdown in an experience that involves old images, lots of stories and street views.

Highlights of the British Museum LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

The world’s greatest museum, we showcase important objects told by an ex-museum tour guide

London’s East End: Whitechapel High Street LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

A fruit stall on Whitechapel High Street in Tower Hamlets, London

World history on a mile! It’s all around this high street.

Surviving an epidemic 150 years ago LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

The Dr John Snow Pub on Broadwick Street in Soho, London

This tour gives a message of hope with humour and science. The story of London’s hygiene to an awful cholera outbreak.

Virtual tours for schools

West Africa on an old globe

All of our tours can be prepared for school classes, making history educational, fun. For a free taster tour for teachers contact us for more information.

The Weird and Wonderful Wimbledon Walk LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

The amazing story of a little village on a hill outside London that became world famous.

Ready to visit London? A virtual ‘top tips’ tour LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Are you about to visit London on a vacation? Need some personal and friendly advice delivered live and online to your whole travel party to listen to at once?

St Paul’s Cathedral to London Bridge LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Two iconic London landmarks to Bankside, the Elizabethan playground.

Let’s All Go Down the Strand

A Painting of Somerset House and St May's church in the Strand

Great riverside palaces, Benjamin Franklin’s house and lots more

King of the World: Assyria in the British Museum LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

A nineteenth century painting of Nimrud in Assyria, with the river Tigris, a ziggurat and the North West Palace.

What was it like to be king of the world’s first superpower?

The Story of Sutton Hoo LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

One of the most amazing archaeological finds ever discovered, it revolutionised our view of the ‘dark ages’ and the island’s connection to the rest of the world.

The Lions of London and Other Exotic Animals LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Imagine escaped tigers causing panic on the streets of the east end, a polar bear swimming for fish in the Thames, cheetahs racing greyhounds, a pet lion exercising in Chelsea. It’s all happened in London.

From Princess to Queen LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Queen Elizabeth II is the most famous Londoner of all – join us on a fascinating journey from her London childhood to her coronation.

The Houses of Parliament LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Room by room, the colourful tale of the evolution of British democracy

Trafalgar Square and Lord Nelson LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

Trafalgar Square on a cloudy day with fountains and the National Gallery in the background

The most famous square in London, built for England’s greatest hero.

Canary Wharf and Limehouse LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

A painting of West India Keys on the Isle of Dogs in the nineteenth century

An amazing story about resilience against failure.

Buckingham Palace, The Mall and St James’s Park LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR

A building that started off as a townhouse for a Duke, nearly became a museum but went on to be the London residence of all of Britain’s sovereigns since Queen Victoria.

A birthday tour on the history of someone special

Bespoke virtual tours for birthdays, anniversaries and bachelor's parties

History tours for birthdays, anniversaries, stag/hen dos, bachelorette’s/ bachelor’s parties. Filled with humour and history, images and music, it will be 40 minutes long, thoroughly researched, live-streamed with a recording you can keep forever. Enquire on our contact form for prices and more details.

Here are our some of our Google reviews

We’ve been giving tours of London since 2006, both face to face and virtual for thousands of people. For more of our reviews please visit here

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“It was incredible”

An amazing, online walking tour from St Paul’s Cathedral to Bankside. Loona, was extremely welcoming and also very knowledgeable. He brought the history of this area to life, with the many tales of life along this little area. It was incredible! The resources used were engaging and detailed. Loona interacted with his participants , making the viewer feel actively involved with the experience. I thoroughly recommend this tour. It was fabulous and I shall definitely be expoloring Loona’s other tours.
Teresa O’Hara

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A wide range of interesting visual material – Google Earth, old photographs, maps and period illustrations.It was incredible”

A very enjoyable tour of Canary Wharf and Limehouse by Loona Hazarika which I recommend highly. Wide-ranging, covering the history of the Isle of Dogs and the development of Canary Wharf from its role in the British Empire to the financial powerhouse of today. Wide range of interesting visual material – Google Earth, old photographs, maps and period illustrations. Well planned, friendly and humorous presentation
Moira Allan

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Exceptionally well presented and most informative and was one of the most professionally delivered on line lectures that I have attended.”

I had not managed to join a tour by Loona before and was very pleasantly surprised at the professionalism, knowledge, delivery and attention to detail displayed. The talk was on line and dealt with that area of London close to and including Buckingham palace. It was exceptionally well presented and most informative and was one of the most professionally delivered on line lectures that I have attended. Priced at under £10 it represented very good value for money and I look forward to attending future tours by Loona
Martin Nicholls

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A mix of historic and contemporary information, lots of really good visuals and pauses for questions”

This was the first virtual tour I’ve done with Let’s Discover London, but it definitely won’t be the last. Loona took us for a very informative & entertaining Stroll down the Strand (banana optional!) and it was great. A mix of historic and contemporary information, lots of really good visuals and pauses for questions. Can thoroughly recommend and am looking to book another tour.
Carol Crook

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A a first class tour guide, an excellent group facilitator, inspiring, enthusiastic and with endless historical knowledge “

Loona is a first class tour guide, an excellent group facilitator and a charming person. He is inspiring,enthusiastic and with endless historical knowledge – which makes me hungry for more. We covered past history (oh so colourful…talking about the inspiration and resilience of people) and right up to the present day….Loona had a story for everything.I won’t spoil it for you by sharing too much ..just to say it really gave me an insight and food for thought.
Sue Goldstein

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“He surpassed all with this one … he has knack of telling them. There is always an extra bit of research put in to his talks “

He surpassed all with this one. I loved the stories as he moved from street to street. All well known stories but Loona has a knack of telling them and you feel it is the 1st time of hearing them. There is always an extra bit of research put into his talks. I could listen to him speaking all day!!! What a talent, it just shows what excellent thorough research can produce. Keep up the good work, cannot wait for the next episode. Thank you

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Head and shoulders above other tours”

From my experience Loona’s tours are head and shoulders above other tours. I will definitely be going on more tours with him and am going to enquire about a tailor made tour with him too. Julie Bennett, tour guide

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A rivetting tour guide … literally transports us in to the pages of history”

I had the privilege of going on the British Museum Highlights Tour and it was like going into a timemachine! Loona is a riveting tour guide and literally transports us into the pages of history with anecdotes, extra information and humour thrown in for good measure! His knowledge is phenomenal and so well researched that the hour and fifteen minutes fly by. He made me feel like I was actually in the museum looking at the exhibits I never thought it would be so much fun! This is a highly recommended virtual tour, complete with your own tour guide!
Loya Agarwala

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“My students loved the tour!

I’m a teacher and I took my students to the British Museum virtual tour. Loona’s a fantastic guide and gave us a wonderful experience. My students loved the tour! I highly recommend it. Mariana Ferraz